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Agility Tire JumpAgility:

Dog over the bar jumpExperience a sport some call "the most fun you can have with your dog!" Teach your dog to run through tunnels, jump over a variety of hurdles, negotiate a dog walk, climb over an A-frame, and balance on a teeter-totter. It's great fun and great exercise for you and your dog, and helps build a strong bond between the two of you


Rally Obedience:

Rally is all about having fun and interacting with your dog. If you enjoy training with your dog and want to take it past the basics, or are wondering what a good next step would be after the Beginners and Masters courses, Rally can be a fun choice.


Canine Good Citizen:

This class is designed to help you and your dog pass the American Kennel Club (AKC) Canine Good Citizen test. Passing this test says that your dog has passed the various tests designed to show that a dog is well-mannered and can accept the many things that he may experience in his daily life. The Canine Good Citizen test follows the course.

Behavior Consulting and Training:

If you are having chronic behavioral problems with your dog that require further, more focused attention, we offer private training tailored to cover a whole spectrum of problem behaviors (aggression, phobias, anxiety, etc...) and designed for the specific needs of dog and owner. Personalized training can also speed up the training process, providing real focus and attention to each dog's individual needs.


In-Board Training:

Does your schedule allow time to train your dog?   We can train your dog for you. Whether you plan on boarding your dog and would like him to receive training at the same time, or if you would like to make reservations for In-Board training, just let us know and we will get things started.